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This Week in Asia Episode 16: Open Source Rocks!

Tweet With Pamela Fox (@pamelafox) from Google Australia as our special guest this week, the TWIA crew tried to make sense out of the JooJoo’s new partnership with CSL Malaysia. We also reviewed the future of Naver, the top search engine in South Korea, the Malaysia government’s declaration of 95% adoption in OSS and most [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 15: The iPad Tsunami

Tweet Michael Smith Jr, Director YDN SE Asia from Yahoo! joins the TWIA crew as our guest for the week. The discussion centered on the aftermath of the Apple iPad after months of speculation. With the Founders’ Institute coming to Singapore following after many incubators setting up shop here, the TWIA discussion group discussed the [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 14: Don’t give up on China

Tweet George Codula, the co-founder of Web2Asia, joined the TWIA crew this week to tell us the other perspective behind the Great Firewall on the recent Google showdown with the Chinese government, and examined the implications on Yahoo! and consequences on Google products if they departed. The group also chatted about the new apps store [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 12: From Cracking Firewalls to Nexus One

Tweet The TWIA crew starts off the new year with the story of the Great Firewall of China breaking down for a few hours and talk about the new legalized video service from Baidu starting up soon there. While Google’s new phone “Nexus One” has taken the whole world by storm, the crew examines how [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 10: A Conversation with Joi Ito, Neoteny Labs

Tweet Another special episode from the crew in This Week in Asia. Following the Neoteny Conference last week on 12-13 Dec in Singapore, we manage to catch Joi Ito (Founder of the Neoteny Labs, CEO of Creative Commons, Board member of Digital Garage) for a short conversation. We discussed with Joi on the origin, purpose [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 9: So Denise (Keller) where are you from?

Tweet The TWIA crew is back without Mike Foong this week. We glanced through the recent BlackBerry Bold 9700 launch by RIM in Singapore, where BL has an “embarassing” encounter with Denise Keller, from MTV Asia. After that short and funny anecdote, the crew discussed the follow up to the Friendster acquisition by MOL Global [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 8: In Hackerspace SG with Wong Meng Weng

Tweet In a special episode during the Neoteny Conference, Daniel and BL sat down and talk to Wong Meng Weng, one of the co-founders of Hackerspace SG. We discuss the story of Hackerspace SG and how it happened, the current state of entrepreneurship scene in Singapore, and also one of the interesting topics which Meng [...]

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This Week in Asia Episode 7: Mozilla Drumbeat @ Neoteny with Mark Surman

Tweet As promised, we have a special episode in This Week in Asia. From the Neoteny Conference hosted by Joi Ito and his team in Neoteny Labs, we interviewed Mark Surman (@msurman), Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation. Mark is in Singapore to host the Mozilla Drumbeat event @ Neoteny Conference where we have ten contestants [...]

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